Your choice of beef or chicken served with chips & a pickle
American, Provolone, Sharp Provolone, Swiss or Whiz cheese

Cheese Steak • $7.95
Choice of cheese

Cheese Steak Hoagie • $8.25
Lettuce, tomato & onion, choice of cheese

Cheese Steak Special • $8.95
Fried onions, marinara sauce, mushrooms, hot peppers & sweet peppers

Olde City Cheese Steak • $8.95
Broccoli rabe, hot peppers & sharp provolone

Buffalo Cheese Steak • $8.95
Blue cheese, hot peppers & hot sauce

Pepperoni Cheese Steak • $10.95
Pepperoni steak, choice of cheese, marinara sauce, served on a fresh garlic bread roll

Dragon Cheese Steak • $8.95
Dragon sauce & hot peppers, very spicy